Geometry above all!

The presented project is a combination of the geometry and the line close to the body. My proposal is a game of colours, matched with non-obvious cut-out dresses,

asymmetry and the inserts of transparent materials.

Skirts and dresses are perfect for women looking for something innovative and an original, who like the multitude of emerging colours,

who want to boldly experiment with fashion.

Geometry in fashion is more than formulas covering material. It is primarily different combinations of colours, line models, and lack of ornamentation.

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that We are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!

White Dress

White Dress – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                       In the new life, always ih has to be a white dress! Have you ever imagined your ideal wedding day? Did you wonder how your dress would appearance during your weeding day? Have you been thinking about that day […]

geometric story dress

simplicity and geometry

Simplicity and Geometry

Simplicity and Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                          An aura of self-confidence and the power of flashy geometry. Playing with the female silhouette has gained harmonious minimalism combined with subtle feminity. The dress describes simple and modern, which looks very impressive through a combination of bright colors. Yellow […]

Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                           The asymmetry is crazy! All original inequalities are on fashion! The asymmetrical dress was created thanks to the combination fragments of materials in the following colors – blue, red, yellow and purple. Pieces of fabrics sewn on […]

Dream of a Silver Dress

Dream of a Silver Dress – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                                  Silver is eye-catching and gives an aura of confidence. There is something special in the silver dress. Silver combined with black is even more stunning. This is evidenced by today’s styling, which thanks to the combination of materials […]

dream of a silver dress

jacket in pink

Jacket in Pink

Jacket in Pink – Geometric Story Geometry above all! A jacket, or women’s blazer, is a type of garment which is easy to look elegant and effective in.                                                Pink to myself! Jacket in Pink with gray elements and a decidedly short cut is appropriate in combination with classic jeans, […]

Geometry made with the heart

Geometry made with the heart – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                             Love is love. The world needs to accept every kind of love because changing attitudes is the key to freedom. Everything positive revolves around love. When I design, I do it with passion, I do it out of […]

geometry made with the heart



LESS CAN BE MORE, GEOMETRIC IS MORE – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   Geometric shapes give life a fashion look which requires a sense of style and taste.                                                 A skirt LESS CAN BE MORE with a sharp cut at the bottom fits perfectly with a blouse of a […]

The Feminine Side of Geometry

The Feminine Side of Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                             The Feminine Side of Geometry dress with a graphic motif depicting a woman’s face is certainly a very modern, one-of-a-kind geometric composition. Trying to experiment with geometric forms isn’t easy. Therefore, sometimes it […]

the feminine side of geometry

geometry and color

Geometry and Color

Geometry and Color – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   Are you looking for a way to liven up your wardrobe? Are you brave enough to try a bold combination of colors? Geometric patterns accentuated with bright colors will make you easily noticeable.                                 The dress Geometry and Color fully […]