Geometry made with the heart

geometry made with the heart

Geometry made with the heart – Geometric Story

Geometry above all!

                                            geometry made with the heart

Love is love. The world needs to accept every kind of love because changing attitudes is the key to freedom. Everything positive revolves around love. When I design, I do it with passion, I do it out of love.

                                            geometry made with the heart

Geometric, white and black skirt with a red blouse perfectly complement themselves and emphasize the figure. Contrast and geometry make my skirt unique. For me, a red blouse with colored stripes is a symbol of freedom, each color has its own meaning:

  • red for life
  • orange for healing
  • yellow for sunlight
  • green for nature
  • violet for spirit

What does freedom mean to me? First of all, the ability to act according to your will. The ability to express your own feelings, emotions or opinions on each topic. It is the inner feeling of being independent that gives you strenght and motivation to act. Love is freedom. Love needs freedom. It makes us feel happy with others as long as we feel happy with ourselves.

                                              geometry made with love

„Love can bring out the best in us…the confidence to move on…the courage to tell the truth…the strenght to keep hoping…”

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!