I Lost My Heart to Geometry

I lost my heart to geometry

I Lost My Heart to Geometry – Geometric Story

Geometry above all!

                                          I lost my heart to geometry

The long dress stands out, arouses admiration and attracts attention. The geometric cuts woven into the dress provide a unique impression and transparent futuristic restorations finished with a trim which look amazing. Geometric cuts has broken with a simple form of a long tulle skirt. At this moment, it should be emphasized that IT IS WORTH CHOOSING CLOTHING, thanks to that we are able to stand out from the crowd!

                                          I lost my heart to geometry 

Who inspires me?

Everyone who performs their work with heart and enthusiasm. Any woman who does what she loves.


Design your life

One of such women is Rachel Roy, a designer who as a child, dreamed of success in the fashion world. Rachel dreamed of giving women an appearance that would have a positive effect on their self-esteem. As an adult, she started her own business and her fashion projects gained recognition. She shares with readers a recipe for success in her book „Design your life”. Rachel Roy’s goal is to get women to focus on themselves and what they want to become, and to make decisions based on where they want to be. She proves that the way we dress has a huge impact on how we feel and treat ourselves.


                                         I lost my heart to geometry

When we do what we love, we are the best in it.

What makes you feel happy in your life?

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!