Make it Wonderful

Make it Wonderful – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Sun, colors and fashion madness!   Hi buttons! Inspiring skirt perfectly compose with tight blouse emphasizes the figure. The woman always wants to stand out, looks beautiful and delightful. Stylization can be describe as courage, colorful and fun. The monotonous colors […]


mondrian fashion inspired

Mondrian Inspired Fashion 1

Mondrian Inspired Fashion – Geometric Story Geometry above all!     Fashion and art have always been interrelated, inspiring each other. Fashion and art have always been interrelated, complementing and inspiring each other. Designers very often when presenting their collections present and use the globally recognized motifs of eminent artists. In the […]

Fashion Inspired By Mondrian’s Painting 1

Fashion Inspired by Mondrian’s Painting – Geometric Story Geometry above all! „Fashion Inspired by Mondrian’s Painting – it is a simple masterpiece! Clothing inspired by the work of great artists are becoming increasingly popular in modern fashion. The collections inspired by such work can be found in the offer of many […]

fashion inspired by painting

be up in the clouds

Be Up In The Clouds

Be Up In The Clouds – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Be Up In The Clouds – the dress was made of knitted fabric combined with chiffon, which added lightness. The airy chiffon adds freshness, class, guarantees an innovative effect. In addition to the blue, delicate yellow and orange knit […]

Intensively Creative

Intensively Creative – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Yellow, blue or pink ? Yellow, blue or pink geometry? How about to combine all together in one dress? In this way, outfit is decorated with intensely colored fabrics and trims. In this case, dark blue is an ideal base for fashion […]



Color Depth

Color Depth – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Because optimism is within us! The dress decorated with zippers on the sides is above all a simple cut that is associated with order and minimalism. However, the design id dominated by distinctive colors. These colors create a positive energy that has […]

With Love To Geometry

With Love To Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Red is here to play the main role. Photo: Karolina Ałdaś Love is I love you, care for you, respect and trust you. Love means I can live without you, but I choose to live just with you. The harder […]

evening red dress

wonderful creative

Wonderful Creative

Wonderful Creative – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Two basic colors – black and white-they always look great together! Outfits design where dominant colors black and white are still very fashionable. Black and white clothing can be arranged in many interesting ways and they definitely associated with modernity. Such a […]

The Face of Asymmetry

The Face of Asymmetry – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Geometry. Style. Individualism. These three qualities define my approach to design. Dresses are the most feminine element of the ladies’ wardrobe. Do you remember my suited dress with sleeveless and zigzag design? This time it has gained a new character. […]


the dress blue geometry

Blue Geometry

Blue Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   There’s no doubt that geometry is what I love the most in my outfits. I prefer dresses that surprise with color, pattern, or both. Choosing explicit colors your life is getting color and it becomes a great adventure. Finally, the world […]