With Love To Geometry

With Love To Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   Red is here to play the main role. Photo: Karolina Ałdaś Love is I love you, care for you, respect and trust you. Love means I can live without you, but I choose to live just with you. The […]

evening red dress

wonderful creative

Wonderful Creative

Wonderful Creative – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Two basic colors – black and white-they always look great together! Outfits design where dominant colors black and white are still very fashionable. Black and white clothing can be arranged in many interesting ways and they definitely associated with modernity. Such a […]

The Face of Asymmetry

The Face of Asymmetry – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Geometry. Style. Individualism. These three qualities define my approach to design. Dresses are the most feminine element of the ladies’ wardrobe. Do you remember my suited dress with sleeveless and zigzag design? This time it has gained a new character. […]


the dress blue geometry

Blue Geometry

Blue Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   There’s no doubt that geometry is what I love the most in my outfits. I prefer dresses that surprise with color, pattern, or both. Choosing explicit colors your life is getting color and it becomes a great adventure. Finally, the world […]

Feeling Blue 2

Feeling Blue – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   How fashion affects me …   Each of us wants to feel great and look that way every day. That how we look is especially important for our well-being. Clothing affects our feelings, thoughts and self confidence. Adequate clothing definitely adds […]

feeling blue dress


In The Mirror 1

In The Mirror . The fragment of song performed by Michael Jackson motivates and makes us aware of who is the person from whom it’s possible to make any changes. If you want to change anything in your life, start with yourself. Commit yourself to your own development, be patient […]

Geometry Is All You Need 3

Geometry Is All You Need – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Geometry is all you need! My favorite color in combination with geometry elements is all that I need! The color that we reach defines our moods, our yearnings and in some way it may also determines our personality. In […]

the dress geometry is all you need

the rhythm of geometry dress

The Rhythm Of Geometry 3

The Rhythm Of Geometry- Geometric Story Geometry above all!   Short dress „The Rhythm of Geometry”with a zipper and collars approve that it is worth to create asymmetrical clothing. Sometimes it is worth avoiding symmetrical patterns in favour of asymmetrical geometry. For me it’s mainly the uniqueness and outstanding form […]

A Little Slice of Heaven 1

A Little Slice of Heaven – Geometric Story Geometry above all! A Little Slice of Heaven – Summer and unique! This dress is a dream for young women who are looking for something exceptional, they’re lovers of vivid colours and geometric motifs in their outfits in a unique, original and […]

summer dress a little slice of heaven

geometric journey summer dress

Geometric Journey 4

Geometric Journey – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Summer and geometric vibes! Tailored sleeveless dress, made out of knitwear in bright green color. Towards energetic and full of colorful optimism, accessories were sewed in.     The neckline and waist were highlighted via belt and blue rims. The skirt is […]