Simplicity and Geometry

Simplicity and Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                          An aura of self-confidence and the power of flashy geometry. Playing with the female silhouette has gained harmonious minimalism combined with subtle feminity. The dress describes simple and modern, which looks very impressive through a combination of bright colors. Yellow […]

simplicity and geometry



LESS CAN BE MORE, GEOMETRIC IS MORE – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   Geometric shapes give life a fashion look which requires a sense of style and taste.                                                 A skirt LESS CAN BE MORE with a sharp cut at the bottom fits perfectly with a blouse of a […]

Be Up In The Clouds

Be Up In The Clouds – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Be Up In The Clouds – the dress was made of knitted fabric combined with chiffon, which added lightness. The airy chiffon adds freshness, class, guarantees an innovative effect. In addition to the blue, delicate yellow and orange knit […]

be up in the clouds

the dress blue geometry

Blue Geometry

Blue Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   There’s no doubt that geometry is what I love the most in my outfits. I prefer dresses that surprise with color, pattern, or both. Choosing explicit colors your life is getting color and it becomes a great adventure. Finally, the world […]

Feeling Blue 2

Feeling Blue – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   How fashion affects me …   Each of us wants to feel great and look that way every day. That how we look is especially important for our well-being. Clothing affects our feelings, thoughts and self confidence. Adequate clothing definitely adds […]

feeling blue dress

the dress geometry is all you need

Geometry Is All You Need 3

Geometry Is All You Need – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Geometry is all you need! My favorite color in combination with geometry elements is all that I need! The color that we reach defines our moods, our yearnings and in some way it may also determines our personality. In […]

Lucky Choice 6

LUCKY CHOICE – GEOMETRIC STORY Geometric above all!   Geometry and flowers together! Photo: Karolina Ałdaś Geometry in clothing surely doesn’t give an impression of boring and systematic. Indeed beautiful gown deserves to be noticed, which is gently decorated with motifs of geometrical shapes.. Shapes arranged in a random way […]

the evening dress lucky choice