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dream of a silver dress

Dream of a Silver Dress

Dream of a Silver Dress – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                                  Silver is eye-catching and gives an aura of confidence. There is something special in the silver dress. Silver combined with black is even more stunning. This is evidenced by today’s styling, which thanks to the combination of materials […]

Summer Evening Dress

Summer Evening Dress – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   What do you associate with summer evening? For me it is beautiful weather, joyful time and phenomenal dress. I also associate it with a large dose of dreedom, relaxation and meetings an interesting group. The best styling for every woman […]

summer evening dress

Lucky Choice 6

LUCKY CHOICE – GEOMETRIC STORY Geometric above all!   Geometry and flowers together! Photo: Karolina Ałdaś Geometry in clothing surely doesn’t give an impression of boring and systematic. Indeed beautiful gown deserves to be noticed, which is gently decorated with motifs of geometrical shapes.. Shapes arranged in a random way […]

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