Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                           The asymmetry is crazy! All original inequalities are on fashion! The asymmetrical dress was created thanks to the combination fragments of materials in the following colors – blue, red, yellow and purple. Pieces of fabrics sewn on […]

Somewhere over the rainbow

geometry made with the heart

Geometry made with the heart

Geometry made with the heart – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                             Love is love. The world needs to accept every kind of love because changing attitudes is the key to freedom. Everything positive revolves around love. When I design, I do it with passion, I do it out of […]

Lucky Choice 6

LUCKY CHOICE – GEOMETRIC STORY Geometric above all!   Geometry and flowers together! Photo: Karolina Ałdaś Geometry in clothing surely doesn’t give an impression of boring and systematic. Indeed beautiful gown deserves to be noticed, which is gently decorated with motifs of geometrical shapes.. Shapes arranged in a random way […]

the evening dress lucky choice