Simplicity and Geometry

Simplicity and Geometry – Geometric Story Geometry above all!                                          An aura of self-confidence and the power of flashy geometry. Playing with the female silhouette has gained harmonious minimalism combined with subtle feminity. The dress describes simple and modern, which looks very impressive through a combination of bright colors. Yellow […]

simplicity and geometry


Color Depth

Color Depth – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Because optimism is within us! The dress decorated with zippers on the sides is above all a simple cut that is associated with order and minimalism. However, the design id dominated by distinctive colors. These colors create a positive energy that has […]

The Face of Asymmetry

The Face of Asymmetry – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Geometry. Style. Individualism. These three qualities define my approach to design. Dresses are the most feminine element of the ladies’ wardrobe. Do you remember my suited dress with sleeveless and zigzag design? This time it has gained a new character. […]


feeling blue dress

Feeling Blue 2

Feeling Blue – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   How fashion affects me …   Each of us wants to feel great and look that way every day. That how we look is especially important for our well-being. Clothing affects our feelings, thoughts and self confidence. Adequate clothing definitely adds […]

With Sympathy To Geometry 2

WITH SYMPATHY TO GEOMETRY – GEOMETRIC STORY Geometry above all! Simple and beautiful! Dress, simplicity and modernity/novelty which in this case looks very impressive. Asymmetric lower part which uncovers legs legs brings the attention to the viewers enjoyment. It is important to notice beautiful bright pastel colors in combination with […]

witg sympathy to geometry dress with zippers