Colorful Challenge

Colorful Challenge – Geometric Story Geometry above all!   Striped dress? This is one of those trends that doesn’t go out of style.                                                   Striped, vertical or horizontal clothes appear every season. The most common are sailor stripes or presented in two vivid colours. Alternatively the dress can be designed […]

colorful challenge

Color Depth

Color Depth – Geometric Story Geometry above all! Because optimism is within us! The dress decorated with zippers on the sides is above all a simple cut that is associated with order and minimalism. However, the design id dominated by distinctive colors. These colors create a positive energy that has […]


the rhythm of geometry dress

The Rhythm Of Geometry 3

The Rhythm Of Geometry- Geometric Story Geometry above all!   Short dress „The Rhythm of Geometry”with a zipper and collars approve that it is worth to create asymmetrical clothing. Sometimes it is worth avoiding symmetrical patterns in favour of asymmetrical geometry. For me it’s mainly the uniqueness and outstanding form […]

witg sympathy to geometry dress with zippers

With Sympathy To Geometry 2

WITH SYMPATHY TO GEOMETRY – GEOMETRIC STORY Geometry above all! Simple and beautiful! Dress, simplicity and modernity/novelty which in this case looks very impressive. Asymmetric lower part which uncovers legs legs brings the attention to the viewers enjoyment. It is important to notice beautiful bright pastel colors in combination with […]