White Dress

geometric story dress

White Dress – Geometric Story

Geometry above all!


                                  bride white dress


In the new life, always ih has to be a white dress!

Have you ever imagined your ideal wedding day? Did you wonder how your dress would appearance during your weeding day? Have you been thinking about that day ahow how it would be a fulfillment to your dreams? And how the white dress would make you look exceptionally like never before?

I also belong to those women who were and are fascinated with exceptional creations, love for white and diversity of fashion. What would it be the ideal for celebrating a new life with a white dress? I wondered more often. I was also looking for an unusual place in my dreams, where my life would start again – it was always in Kenya.


                                   bride whte dress

                                   wedding dress


The perfect dress is one in which you will feel exceptionally, and at the same time fits the bride.

In my opinion favorites in white are definitelly below:

My suggestion is a matched dress, strapless from the neck to cutting which exhibit legs and fringes are seen all over the length. The waist is emphasized using a belt style of masai which has be made out of beads.The red color also appears in the form of a neck trim. The rest is complemented by silver trims with sequins, located at the neckline.

My design of a wedding dress symbolizes the hottest desire in which a decision to build a dream come true in line of opening clothing brand. I believe that dreams are one of the ways for fulfilling a happy life. Going forward and reaching for the better, it’s the reason for celebrating to at its best! A white dress is announcement of changes in life, about the implementation of desires and faith about their fulfillment.


                                     white dress with belt

                                     bridal white dress


Have you look at your desires?

Have you dare to dream and develop wings?


„If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney      

„You can do everything you think you cannot”                                                                                                                                      

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!


Photos taken at Sasaab Lodge, Samburu, Kenya