With a taste for interesting, original and accomplished with a heart of interior design!

While creating projects I am guided by functionality and stylistics of insides.

The space in which we live has a huge impact on our mood. The interior can affect us for example. via colours, light, arrangement of forms, bringing a sense of safty and triggers happiness. Appropriate equipment gives character and makes it attractive and cosy.

I wish that every private interiors designed by me were original and emphasized the character and interest of the owners. In the public places, mostly we should care about the style, functionality, ergonomics which reflects their values.

I start project work with the inventory of the room and the interview with the customer’s needs and expectations.

As part of the arrangement I help in selection of equipment, the materials that are used, the colours  and furniture.

Each time, the scope of cooperation is determined individually.


Geometry above all!

The presented project is a combination of the geometry and the line close to the body. Our proposal is a game of colours, matched with non-obvious cut-out dresses,

asymmetry and the inserts of transparent materials.

Skirts and dresses are perfect for women looking for something innovative and an original, who like the multitude of emerging colours,

who want to boldly experiment with fashion.

Geometry in fashion is more than formulas covering material. It is primarily different combinations of colours, line models, and lack of ornamentation.

The offer is addressed to women who like geometric figures and who appreciate the different possibilities of their use.

Geometry may be absolutely feminine and attractive,

and many geometric compositions can emphasize the feminine silhouette highlighting its main advantages.

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that We are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!